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Walking in Victoria - Walking in BC

Trail Ratings and Descriptions:

Federation Trail Rating Guidelines:

The following two-part rating system was designed to indicate to volkssporters an estimation of the difficulty of a trail for an IVV sanctioned walk in Canada. The sponsoring Federation member would decide what rating to assign the trail(s). The first part uses a number to refer to the difficulty of the incline while the second part uses a letter to refer to the nature of the terrain.

  Part 1 - INCLINE   Part 2 - TERRAIN
1. very little hill or stair climbing A. almost entirely on pavement, probably suitable for baby stroller.
2. some moderate hill or stair climbing B. a significant part of the walk takes place on well-groomed trails with very little more difficult terrain.
3. some significant hill or stair climbing C. a significant part of the walk takes place on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths).
4. a good deal of significant hill or stair climbing D. a significant part of the walk takes place on very difficult terrain.
5. many steep hills or high altitude trails E. the majority of the walk takes place on very difficult terrain.

Extreme weather conditions could also raise the difficulty of the routes, thus volkssporters should take caution under certain weather conditions.

Type of Events:

YRE/SEAS/S-SEAS - Year Round/Seasonal/Short Seasonal Events:

Year-Round Events are self-guided walks enjoyable every day of the year. Seasonal and Short Seasonal Events are offered for a portion of the year. Walkers are required to self-register by signing a registration form and taking a map of the route. These Events are an excellent way to accumulate credits for distance awards as you may complete the event as often as desired. Group walks of a Seasonal or Year-Round Event are when an organized date is set up for a club or group to walk the Event.

"Group walks" are not separately sanctioned hence the IVV stamp issued at Group Walks is that of the YRE or Seasonal being walked that day.

GW - Guided Walks:
Guided Walks are events where walkers meet at a specified place and all start at the same time. The walks are usually done in three groups for different speeds of walkers (fast, average or slower), with a guide for each group. There are no maps or trail markings.

MW - Map Walks:
Map Walks are events where walkers meet at a specified place and all start at the same time. These walks can be enjoyed at your own pace as walk organizers spread through the group to accompany those walking more slowly. A map or directions will also be supplied. Trail markings will be used where necessary.

W - Volkswalk:
A Volkswalk is an event where walkers meet at a specified place . They begin the walk at any time within the set registration times and enjoy the walk at their own pace. Map and trail markings are supplied.

EGW or EMW - Evening Guided or Map Walk:
Evening Guided or Map Walks are the same as described above only these events are held during the evening hours.

Notice to Volkssport Event Participants:

Anyone may participate in the events listed in this edition of Volkssporting BC. Children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult during the course of an event. Participants are asked to be safety conscious and obey all traffic signs. For the safety and enjoyment of all participants, pets must be kept on a leash at all times.

Events listed in this publication will take place on the date(s) indicated regardless of weather conditions.
Participants must be cognizant of the following.
"Clubs or organizations sponsoring events listed in Volkssporting BC cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items, accidents or injuries at any time. All participants must sign a "Waiver of Liability" form before starting an event."

All events listed in this publication are eligible for credit towards the IVV Individual Achievement Awards program.

Walking in Victoria - Walking in BC

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Victoria 'Y' Volkssport Club
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 Walking in Victoria - Walking in BC

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Walking in Victoria - Walking in BC